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FOOD & FAITH (aka “Do This in Remembrance”)

The time and location of this small group will change from week to week.

Why do Christians practice communion? Why do we emphasize 'fellowship' and constantly have potlucks? How is the connection between our physical and spiritual selves manifested through food? Furthermore, how do we, as Christians, respond to both local and global issues around food? What does it mean to exhibit Christ-like justice, love, and mercy when confronting food-related issues? This small group will explore the connection between food and faith through bible studies, documentary screenings, local volunteer opportunities, plus good old-fashioned cooking sessions. If you'd like to learn more, email Sara Wyngaarden ( This small group won’t always meet at the same time of the week, so keep an eye on the weekly updates in the newsletter, which is posted on our Facebook group. Newcomers will be welcomed throughout the semester!




Thursdays, 8:00-9:30pm,  GCM OFFICE

Today, we don't talk about death. When someone close to us dies, we are expected to pull ourself together and continue on with our lives. This small group will look at current cultural expectations and our past experiences of death, and then to look at scripture to see how death was treated in the bible. While this is not a small group for those in the middle of immediate or intense grief, it is a place for us to look at our own expectations and practices around death and loss and search for places to extend grace not only to others but to our selves—grace to grieve, grace to mourn, grace to heal. For more details, don’t hesitate to e-mail Katie (


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