About Us

Our Mission

Group of people with GCM ShirtsTo be a community where all who are curious about life and God wrestle with scripture and are challenged to root their identity in Christ.

Guelph Campus Ministry welcomes students – believers and seekers – who are curious and thoughtful about Jesus in their lives. It is a place to belong that welcomes questions, encourages wonder and is willing to struggle together toward identity in Christ.

On the university campus, students prepare for life and emerge into adulthood. GCM acknowledges that Christ is present in all aspects of our lives, including academic life, and seeks to provide an environment where students can root themselves deeply in Christ and find their calling; where their gifts and talents can be identified and encouraged; and where they can find comfort and guidance in the midst of their struggles and disappointments.

GCM encourages Christians – students, staff and faculty – to be rooted in Christ, knowing that good fruit comes from deep roots.

Our Vision

Resilient graduates who know that Christ calls them to live faithfully without fear and with hope, stepping into the challenges of their time.

As followers of Christ, GCM declares with joy and trust that our world belongs to God. We strive to equip students to go out into our troubled world, living faithfully into the challenges of today, knowing they are called for times such as these to bear good fruit, and overcome despair and fear with love and hope – resisting the anxiety of today’s culture and trusting in God.

We believe with confidence that the Lord is faithful, giving meaning to our days and hope to our years. Our future is secure because our world belongs to God.


Campus Minister Sara DeMoor

Sara DeMoor Campus Minister Sara DeMoor heads up Guelph Campus Ministry, working with Brianne Gayfer, GCM’s wonderful board members and a team of student interns. Alumni and local churches are also active parts of this ministry. We thank the Lord for what we can do together! Sara has been with GCM since May 2017 and has a deep appreciation for the University of Guelph and its diverse, fascinating students. Prior to joining GCM, Sara was a campus minister at the University of Toronto for 9 years. Sara enjoys conversations with students, extending hospitality at community dinners, collaborating with colleagues on the Multi-Faith Resource Team, and wrestling with big questions and cultural moments. She's always eager to meet for coffee (or tea) and conversation. When not on campus, Sara enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, exploring local shops and the farmer’s market, and--while washing the dishes or walking to campus--listening to and learning from a variety of podcasts.

You can hear Sara appearance on the Two Rivers Church podcast here: Episode 9 - The Guelph Campus Ministry
519-732-3517 (text or call).

Administrative Coordinator Brianne Gayfer

Brianne GayferBrianne Gayfer serves as Administrative Coordinator for GCM, managing the social media and weekly email updates, setting the agenda for weekly programming meetings with Sara and the student interns, and generally doing all manner of behind-the-scenes work. She has been involved with GCM as a graduate student since 2018 and as a student intern in the 2021-2022 school year. Brianne is excited to continue her involvement with GCM in a more formal role and looks forward to connecting with students, faculty, staff, board members, and supporters over the coming year. When she is not working for GCM she is either making slow but steady progress on her PhD in Child Clinical Psychology or spending time with her family (including her adorable baby).